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Electronegative Envy

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-Comrade Jack

Fluorine you fat bastard how dare you!
Dragging electrons to your chunky ass nucleolus
As if they were little Debby snack cakes
While hydrogen is starving there in the corner

What he wouldn’t do for one more electron
You would rip it right out of his orbital
Oh, sure you claim you’re sharing
But I can see right through your subatomic subterfuge.

You social climbing sellout
Desperately you desire to join the ranks
Of those proud and satisfied noble gases
If only you could snatch one more precious particle

Shed your greed you hedonistic halogen!
Only damnation awaits stingy diatomic dullards
Elements of the world unite,
You have nothing to lose but your covalent bonds!


Written by jackofspades83

June 10, 2009 at 4:11 pm

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