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Free Geek & Linux: Open Source Revolution!

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Jack O’Spades


Nothing in computer engineering could be more sacred to a populist geek than Linux and open source. For the 90% of you who have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about, allow me to explain. Linux is an operating system, its what allows your PC’s software and hardware to work together to download porn from the Internet and put it on your monitor. You are probably far more familiar with an OS by the name of Microsoft Windows, or if you are too cool for a PC, the Mac OS X. Without an operating system the computer would not be able to, well…anything really.



So what’s so special about Linux? Unlike the operating systems you’re familiar with, Linux is 100% F-R-E-E. But isn’t windows free? No, it may come with your computer, but you’re still paying a good $100 to get something Linux could do better, for absolutely nothing. The Linux operating system is also at the forefront of what is known as the open source movement, and this is why it’s truly the pride and joy of populist geeks the world over.



The term open source simply means that the instructions and knowledge used to make something are not hoarded, but rather, made available to the entire public. Thus allowing the public to use it, modify it, and make the modifications available to the public, to be used and revised ad infinitum. Wikipedia, despite it’s flaws, is a good example of an open source encyclopedia. It’s a project that is revised and edited by the community, made available to be used and improved.



Open source software such as Linux, fights monopolies such as Microsoft, brings a greater degree of potential innovation, provides free software to the masses, and all the while, still puts food on geeks’ tables. At this point I’m sure you’re wondering how can free software can make money for anyone. Well, unlike traditional proprietary software, revenue for open source software does not come from selling licenses for copies of the software. Instead the money is usually made by one of three ways, one of the most prominent being selling tech support for the software. Someone has to keep the servers operating, and applications from crashing, so why shouldn’t we be paid for our labor?



Also, money can be made by providing a free version of the product and charging for a more powerful version, or by selling a service related to the software. Its also not uncommon for businesses to pay programmers to develop and maintain software needed for certain applications. By paying programmers to produce and maintain open source software, several businesses can share the production costs for an application that they all require. So you can certainly see how open source software can appeal to someone who is both a populist and a career geek.



In fact, some of these populist geeks have decided to take this even farther, and make the open source movement even more beneficial to the masses. I am referring to the Free Geeks, a group that provides free computers to people who otherwise couldn’t afford them. To do this they collect computer parts that, had they not intervened, would have been trashed by organizations and individuals. Then they put the PCs together, install Linux on them, and hand them off to those in need of them. Essentially they recycle computers like Second Harvest and Food Not Bombs recycles food.



Free Geek was founded in Portland, Oregon in February 2000, and in just four years recycled more than 360 tons of computer waste, and provided more than 3,000 computer systems. Like Food Not Bombs, the group is run democratically, and works actively with organizations struggling for positive social change. Just recently a local chapter has opened up in Orlando, and is looking for volunteers and computer parts. Their website can be found at There are many ways you can help, even if you aren’t skilled with computers. See the volunteer section of the website to learn more about how you can help lead the open source revolution!


Mr. O’Spades is a programmer and student of Computer Science at Valencia Community College. He plans on transferring to the University of Central Florida to further his study of the dork arts.

Want to make the move to the open source camp? Here are some programs that are free versions of proprietary software, and where you can get them:


*Open Office = Microsoft Office

Office Suite(Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Power Point, Web Development)

For Windows, Mac, and Linux


*GIMP = Adobe Photoshop

Photo and Image Editing

For Windows

For Mac

For Linux


*Kompozer = Microsoft Frontpage

Web Page Development

For Windows, Mac, and Linux


*Mozilla Firefox = Internet Explorer

Web Browser

For Windows, Mac, Linux


*Mozilla Thunderbird = Microsoft Outlook

For Windows, Mac, Linux


*Windows Media Player = VLC Media Player

Audio/Video Player

For Windows, Mac, Linux


*Belnder = Maya

3D Graphics

For Windows, Mac, Linux


*GNU Cash = Microsoft Money

Financial Manager

For Windows, Mac, and Linux


For more information on Linux check out:


If you want to know more feel free to contact me at:


Written by jackofspades83

March 4, 2008 at 1:50 pm

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