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Taking Our House Back: The Press Weighs in

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It’s the third year or so of the endless campaign for the white house. Finally we’re getting close to the end, of both the eternal campaign and the nightmare of Bush II reign. Soon we’ll cast our vote for the 11 or so Democrats, and maybe our votes will be counted. So in case the national Democratic party decides not to give in to such “important” states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina; you may get to be counted. Yay, Democracy!


To those of you who read this regularly, you’re probably as pissed off as I am with the Democrats already. The fact that they can be scared by the political equivalent of house cats, and be bought off almost half as easily as the Republicans (a major feat in and of itself). Thank you national Democratic party fucks for kneecapping those of us here in Florida that still vote for your party.


So, if we get to vote in the primaries who should you vote for? Please allow us at the Press to tell you how to live your collective lives. It’s a lot less work for you, and hell, we’re going to voice our opinion regardless of whether anyone actually cares! So you may as well tag along for the ride.


We here at the Press are officially supporting John Edwards, for the presidency of the United States of America. Mr. Edwards is the only candidate who has constantly voiced a populist message, and has made fighting poverty and economic bondage the focus of his campaign. While many of the Democratic candidates this year would make at least a decent president, Mr. Edwards is the best of those who actually have a chance of winning.


Granted we love Kucinich, and he would probably be just as committed to fighting poverty while providing many other things the front runners are unwilling to do. However, even Kucinich knows that Kucinich isn’t going to win. His recent endorsement of Obama has been a strong indication of that. Not too mention that he lost in Iowa, which is, oddly enough, one of the most anti-war states in the country. If Kucinich can’t come close to winning there, he certainly cannot win at all.


Look, we don’t enjoy poking at Kucinich’s ardent followers, and his chances of winning. However, he won’t win if we just believe in him enough. I’d also strongly urge his other supporters against a symbolic vote. I don’t think any of us want someone as pro-war, and with as many corporate links as Clinton. Reality is a bitch, I know.


Mr. Edwards is a good candidate, who has strongly allied himself with unions and alternative economic theorists. He is far from perfect, but so is virtually everyone, with the possible exception of Jesus (especially since he can turn water into wine).


Mr. Edwards is in many ways like FDR, and we desperately need that sort of politician again. Just like FDR we cannot expect him to end all the follies of capitalism, but who else among the front runners (or any candidate!) is willing to fight so hard to do so? From listening to them, watching their votes, and seeing who they surround themselves with, only Edwards has made the push.


Much has been made about Mr. Edward’s wealth, and how it somehow revokes the legitimacy of his message. This sort of argument is patently ridiculous. Mr. Edwards has allied himself with a movement that would help to transfer political power from people of his wealth and status, to the population at large. If anything, his willingness to speak for reform that would go against his material gain only adds to his legitimacy.


In the end, Mr. Edwards can only be judged by his actions. However, among all the candidates, he is the best chance for brining the economic and social change that our country desperately needs after the wake of Regan and the Bush dynasty. It is for this reason that the Press has chosen to back Mr. Edwards in ’08.


Written by jackofspades83

January 17, 2008 at 10:39 pm

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